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Round Up Savings Account Deal of the Day: Firelands Federal Credit Union at 5.00% APY

There are savings accounts — and then there are savings accounts. The difference comes down to interest rates. Too low, and your efforts to build an emergency fund become nearly impossible. High rates allow anyone to conserve for tuition, vacations, retirement, a new car and more. The Firelands Federal Credit Union knows the meaning of interest rates with its Round Up Savings Account, a special deposit package that comes with a 5.00% APY for credit union members.

Round Up Savings Account Terms and Conditions

Firelands Federal Credit Union’s high dividend-bearing tiered savings account requires no opening balance (though a $25 balance is needed for withdrawals). Dividends are compounded daily and paid quarterly, right from the very first penny saved. With a 5.00% APY, this account offers nearly five times the interest rate as other savings accounts from the credit union.

About Firelands Federal Credit Union

With assets of over $207 million, Fireands Federal Credit Union is Bellevue, OH’s premier banking provider, with 26,500 members who deposit their shares into the future of the credit union. Founded in 1955, the credit union provides a variety of savings, checking and loan products, along with tools and resources needed to build anyone’s financial future.

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